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As a lifelong Alachua County resident and as an environmental engineer, I am running to protect our water and environment, provide good planning for climate change and growth, and to maintain our current infrastructure.

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Current and Former Board Positions:

  • Utility Advisory Board Member for City of Gainesville (current member and former Chair)
  • Alachua County Code Enforcement Board (engineer)
  • Alachua County Environmental Advisory Board (former Chair)
  • United Way of North Central Florida (board member)
  • Florida Defenders of the Environment (executive board member)
  • United States Green Building Council, Heart of Florida Chapter (President, LEED for Homes Chair)
  • Cultural Arts Coalition (board member)
  • NAACP Environmental Justice Committee Member
  • Sequential Artists Workshop (board member)

Through my work, experience, and education I have become an expert in sustainability, utility, housing, environmental and energy issues and I have been honored to serve on many local and state boards.

I am pleased to announce that I will be running a carbon-neutral campaign. Please consider this when making donations.

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We are all doing things a bit different this year.

I will miss the traditional of the Veterans for Peace “Memorial Mile” and that emotional journey, but we can revisit some of those feelings and memories by watching the wonderful video below.

I will miss neighbored parties and large family picnics but we can safely gather within our chosen family circle. I will be sharing a meal tonight with my son and his family.

No matter how we spend our day, I hope we will be mindful of the meaning of this holiday. Today I honor the memory of those lost in war in the defense of our country and our ideals. But with all loss of life we mourn, we honor, and I ask, is this loss necessary? Can we do better?

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Quality, affordable, & accessible healthcare is critical to surviving & seeing the end of this pandemic.

I lost a son to cancer. I lost my brother to cancer just a few weeks ago & I’m a cancer survivor myself. Healthcare is one of my highest priorities.

While we are lucky enough to have two giant hospitals in our county, we still see our rural hospitals and clinics closing which puts additional pressure on our already strained emergency care & clinic systems.

We must have a commission that understands & trusts scientists and is willing to invest in our healthcare infrastructure & create progressive healthcare policy. We all want a healthy community & to beat this virus as quickly & efficiently as possible.

If you agree, show your support by donating at: donate.fundhero.io/alfordforalachua

#FLPol #VoteMary

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I fully supported mandatory Facemask requirements in Alachua County and I’m disappointed they have changed this requirement. I will continue to wear my mask to keep others safe.

Update: During the second meeting today they decided to put the mask requirements back in place. I’m very pleased. Now, can we get a COVID advisory board in place?

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“First, make sure you ground yourself in actual communities with real people — working whenever you can at the grass-roots level. The fight for equality and justice begins with awareness, empathy, passion, even righteous anger. Don’t just activate yourself online. Change requires strategy, action, organizing, marching, and voting in the real world like never before. No one is better positioned than this class of graduates to take that activism to the next level. And from tackling health disparities to fighting for criminal justice and voting rights, so many of you are already doing this. Keep on going.”


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Alachua County needs to get their census data in! Ask your friends, neighbors and family if they have turned in their census form. Future aid (such as disaster aid after a hurricane) is allocated based on census results. We pay taxes and this is how we get them back for our communities. Let's not leave our tax dollars on the table!

By the way, this is a great website:

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REMINDER: If you want to vote in the Florida Democratic Presidential Primary on March 17, you need to be registered to vote as a Democrat by tomorrow. Independents, Republicans and others are not allowed to vote as Democrats in Florida.


Helping out @FacultyFlorida at the Alachua County @laborcoalition today. Our Santa Fe College Adjuncts need help and representation! If you are an adjunct, please support your colleagues and get your ballot in the mail! #UnionsForAll

It’s sad to see the county has decided to decrease Grace’s funding. Grace has served as a lifeline & safety net for our most vulnerable citizens. Enough is enough. It’s time to do the right thing. The county should live up to its agreement & fully fund their share of Grace.

Andrew Caplan@AACaplan

City commissioners are asking county officials not to reduce funding for the local homeless shelter. https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190905/city-asks-county-to-equally-fund-grace-marketplace

I'm a 6th generation Floridian, born and raised in Alachua County, and environmental engineer running a #CarbonNeutral campaign for Alachua County Commission, District 1! 🏳️‍🌈 Please support my campaign below!


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